Information for Hirers

This page includes information hirers will need if an activity requires licensing, a plan of the building including emergency evacuation information, and our policies regarding safeguarding, data protection, and so on.

Kirkbampton village hall has a Premises Licence issued by the City of Carlisle, and public events that need to take place under the control of the Premises Licence include:

  • Playing music, singing, dancing, theatrical performances, film shows, etc.
  • Events that charge entrance fees that make a profit (includes charity events), events attended by 100+ people

If your event comes under the control of the Premises Licence you will need to:

  • Identify a Duty Manager/Responsible Person for each performance or event
  • Complete a form giving us details of the Duty Manager/Responsible Person for your event and confirm that they will accept the duties involved. This must be returned before the event and be acceptable to the Licencees. The necessary form is available for download , click on the appropriate button below.
  • Ensure that the Duty Manager/Responsible person reads the information provided, acquaints him/herself with the Hall layout, fire extinguisher positions, fire exits and escape routes, carries out the necessary checks and fills in and signs the checklist for each event. The checklist is available for download, click on the appropriate button below
  • Return the completed checklist(s) as soon after your event(s) as possible to the Hall Team:


Kirkbampton Hall Premises Licence

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